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Address (Address Number, or ADNO) 7500 S PIERCE ST ( 129053 )
Address Post Office and Zip LITTLETON, CO 80128
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PLSS Township, Range, Section
T 5 S, R 69 W, Section 36,
Quarter-Section: NW
Longitude, Latitude (Decimal Degrees) 105.07213º W, 39.58015º N
Longitude, Latitude (DMS) 105º 4' 20'' W, 39º 34' 49'' N
X, Y (SPCS, CO Cent Zone, NAD83, Feet) 3120601, 1636482
Elevation (USGS 10-meter DEM, Feet)
Snow Load Factor (Roof)
Snow Load Factor (Ground)
Political Data for this Address
SE JeffCo Local Improvement District? Yes
City Precinct and Ward Not applicable
County Precinct 1162230011
Assessor Ron Sandstorm
Clerk and Recorder Faye Griffin
Commissioner Residing in (District) Tina Francone (District 3)
Commissioners Libby Szabo,
Tina Francone,
Casey Tighe
Coroner John M. Graham
District Attorney Pete Weir
Sheriff Jeff Shrader
Treasurer Tim Kauffman
State House Representative (District) Justin Everett (District 22)
State Senate Representative (District) Tim Neville (District 16)
U.S. House Representative (District) Diana DeGette (District 1)
U.S. Senators Michael F. Bennet,
Cory Gardner


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